Built in 1885, The Tokeland Hotel is the oldest hotel in Washington State.

In 1858 George and Charlotte Brown settled among the Shoalwater Tribe led by Chief Toke. The Browns homesteaded 1400 acres, raised crops, kept livestock and traded with the Native Americans. Later, the Brown’s daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, William Kindred, built the current structure as a home and haven for travelers. With their daughters, Maud and Elizabeth, they purchased additional land, developed a golf course, dairy, oyster farm and post office. Today, the Tokeland Hotel is rekindling the Kindred’s tradition of warm hospitality, diverse art and entertainment, fine dining, and restful lodging. We invite you to share this heritage and tradition.

The Tokeland Hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. The Tokeland Hotel & Restaurant is ideal for private weddings, family reunions, retreats, and corporate events.